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Pipe Suspension Grab

The Original For Your Safety . . .

The handling of prefabricated manholes according to DIN 4034 Part 1 with socket end for axial seal.

The WIMAG pipe suspension grab RSV ... Handle for easy D offering the following advantages:

  • Rubber buffer to prevent damage to important sealing spots of the concrete parts.
  • Gripping depth extended from 220 mm to 260 mm.
  • Clamping range 90-200 mm (with rubber coating 50-150 mm).
  • This pipe suspension grab was developed from the models RSV 3 and can also be used for standard manholes.
  • Models RSV ... D.

Only an original WIMAG pipe suspension grab can provide all advantages:

  • Handle for easy application
  • Clamp made of hollow sections, therefore torsion resistant and very light
  • Rubber-lined clamps on request. Important for painted and coated pipes
  • Simple and fast adjustment of the clamping range via threaded spindle
  • Use of high-strength chains DIN 5687-5
  • Higher stability by bent-off articulated lever
  • With safety stop - a spring in every clamp prevents inadvertent release of the load

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