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Pipe Layer

The Pipe Layer for the safe pipe transport and professional pipe laying

The hydraulic pipe layer is designed for the transport and the laying of pipes up to 3,000 kg of weight.

The pipes are picked up inside the pipe by means of a lifting arm. Therefore, also horizontal pipes can be placed very close to each other e.g. on lorries and pipes can be independently offloaded by the operator of the excavator without problem (single man operation).

The pipe layer is screwed to the quick change system of the excavator via the adaptor plate.

The operation of the pipe layer is carried out by the driver of the excavator via the hydraulic power take-off system on excavator. For this two free hydraulic circuits are required.

For quick picking up of pipes and exact alignment within the trench the pipe layer is equipped with a rotating cylinder enabling a horizontal rotation of the pipe by +/- 30°.

During transport the pipe is secured by a hydraulic clamping device to prevent slippage.

  • Automatic pickup of the pipe layer via the quick change system of the excavator
  • Lifting of the pipes by the excavator; transport without tilting of pipes
  • Equipped with a pipe pushing unit for a safe pipe connection as option
  • One man operation
  • Connection to the hydraulic power take-off system of the excavator
  • Horizontal rotation by +/- 30°
  • Additional protection against pipe slippage
  • No personnel within the dangerous area

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