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Road Gully Grab

A grab for base-, cylindrical- and conical drain assemblies!

  • The laying and positioning of street grates according to DIN 4052 in drain excavations is the strenuous daily routine of a civil engineer. The base drain assemblies weighing up to 250 kg have to be laid precisely by hand which often requires considerable effort and time.
  • Using the new road gully grab SAG-450 the job can easily be carried out by one person: precisely and saving time. The operation should be carried out close to the ground.
  • The operation is very simple: the SAG is positioned onto the base drain assembly which is to be laid and the lifting equipment is attached. After raising the safety catch, the base drain assembly can be lowered into the drain excavation and positioned. After setting down the assembly, the grab opens automatically.
  • The laying of the cylindrical drain assembly is carried out in the same way: simple and economically. For the laying of conical drain assemblies, the bolt must be reset. Due to the swivelling clamping jaw, the conical drain assembly may be lifted immediately above the centre of gravity.
  • A patent has been issued for the road gully grab.

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