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Manhole Housing Grab

One grab for housing and cover!

  • The manhole housing grab enables simple and safe transport and laying of manhole covers according to EN 124 / DIN 1229.
  • The housings as well as the covers can be safely lifted and laid by the manhole housing grab.
  • The suspension eye of the manhole housing grab is fitted to the load hook of the excavator / loader and is then positioned onto the manhole cover. After releasing the safety catch the housing and the cover are lifted and positioned on the conical drain assembly.
  • When setting down the manhole cover the safety catch blocks itself and the grab opens automatically.
  • When turning the grab 180° the covers can be easily taken out of the housing using the grab and the hooks.
  • The manhole housing grab is galvanized as standard.
  • A patent has been issued for the manhole housing grab.

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