Lifting Equipment

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Lifting Beams

Lifting beams made from light single section steel

  • Special custom-made lifting beams for all applications
  • Construction according to DIN EN 13155 / BGR 500 2.8
  • Suspension : 2 leg chain sling, 2 U-sections with bolts, Adjustable suspension with 2 bolts, Abjustable suspension with rack jack
  • Load Attachment : 2 U-sections with bolts, Double hook with safety catch, Weld-on hook with safety catch, Continuous chain with sliding hook
  • Applications : Lifting beam for wire mesh containers, Cruciform lifting beam, Big bag lifting beam, Rectangular 4 point frame lifting beam, Custom-made lifting beam, Lifting beam for fork lifts for reinforced steel meshes, Lifting beam incorporating long hooks, Adjustable lifting beam, Adjustable H-type lifting beam

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