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Load Rotating Beam

Everyone is aware of the problems of rotating and positioning bulky loads.

To solve the problem we offer 2 types of load rotating beams: manual or electric operation.

Load Rotating Beam - manually operated

The manually operated load rotating beams are rotated by a hand chain. The worm gear is self-locking. The chain is designed for 2 m operating height. The load rotating beams are delivered with endless slings of 3 m circumference. Other circumferences available upon request.

Load Rotating Beam - electrically operated

The electrically operated load rotating beam rotates the load by a self-locking worm gear using a pendant control. The length of the control cable is 3 m and the feeding cable with CEE plug is 5 m long. Engine: rotary current 400 V - 50 Hz, 30% ED, 0.3 kW, protective system IP 54. The circumference of the endless slings is 3 m. Other circumferences available upon request.

  • No damages to delicate elements
  • Self-locking gear also for excentric loads
  • Manual or electric operation

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