Vacuum Lifters

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Turbo S-Levator

Stationary vacuum lifter for cranes

The Turbo S-Levator has especially been developed for the crane operation for the lifting of dense and also very porous materials. The surface can be smooth or rough.

It consists of a strong vacuum turbine with a 5 m long vacuum hose. The power is effected by mains supply 230 V - 50 Hz.

The Turbo S-Levator can be applied in conjunction with each arbitrary hoist. An electric chain hoist with stepless lifting speed is especially suitable.

The control unit BE is fitted to the load hook of the hoist. The load is directed with both handles and it can be detached with the lever. The control unit is equipped with a pressure gauge and a holding device for the pendant control of the hoist.

Suction plates can be delivered in different sizes up to a carrying capacity of 50 kg. Special suction plates, for example for the transport of sacks, are also available. Special suction plates on request.

  • The stationary vacuum lifter for the crane operation for dense and porous material
  • With suction plates for panels, wood, cartons, natural stone plates, sacks, …
  • Operation with alternating current 230 V - 50 Hz
  • Optimal for the operation with the mobile jib crane 555

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