Vacuum Lifters

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Alpha-Levator – The perfect lifting technology

The ideal vacuum lifter – battery- or mains operated

All smooth/rough and air-tight plates like tiles, natural stone- or concrete plates, plastics, metal plates or glass can be lifted easily: immediately after the Levator is positioned, it attaches itself securely to the plate and the load can be easily lifted and handled. The Levator releases the plate, when required: press the button and the valve opens. Wall tiles can also be rotated vertically.


The Alpha Levator consists of a strong aluminium plate with handle. A vacuum pump operated by battery or mains, creates the vacuum. The vacuum chamber at the bottom side is sealed by an elastic rubber. The self-adhesive sealing can easily be exchanged.

Basic equipment

Scope of delivery: vacuum lifter with a strong handle, vacuum pump, filter, valve and a robust plastic carrying case. The basic equipment can either be operated by battery or mains.

Battery kit

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect and allow permanent operation of approx 3 hours. Both batteries are equipped with integrated protective electronics. Charging time of the charger for 220 V - 50 Hz requires approx 2.5 hours.

Mains kit

The basic equipment is connected with the 220 V - 50 Hz mains by a 5 m cable and the power pack.

  • Ideal for tilers, landscape gardeners, glaziers or natural stone business
  • High energy by lithium-ion batteries
  • For smooth and rough surfaces
  • Suited for almost all air-tight materials like tiles, natural stone-, concrete plates, plastics, glass, metal ...

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