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Turbo H-Levator

Turbo H-Levator: the perfect vacuum lifter, also for very porous material like concrete plates, …

The Turbo H-Levator has been developed for machine lifting of very porous material like natural- or concrete plates close to the ground, (max 1.8 m above ground) whose surfaces can be smooth or rough.

The Turbo H-Levator can be suspended from any kind of carrying equipment such as an excavator or a wheel loader. The carrying capacity of the integrated suction plate is 175 kg. Bigger suction plates of a maximum carrying capacity of 600 kg can be exchanged quickly via the two toggle clamps.

The strong turbine creates a vacuum immediately on the plate after positioning. The Turbo H-Levator releases the plate, when required: move the lever. The power is effected by mains supply 230 V – 50 Hz.

The vacuum chamber is sealed by a flixible rubber. The sealing is self-adhesive and easily exchangeable due to wear and tear. To control the vacuum the Turbo-Levator is equipped with a pressure gauge.

For transport the guide handles can be reinserted and like this protect the suction plates.

The Turbo H-Levator is equipped with two safety chains of 2 m length, as standard.

Generator for the Turbo Levator:

Honda petrol engine of 2.0 kW. The Levator is protected by a strong frame.

  • The perfect vacuum lifter, also for very porous materials
  • For machine hoisting operation close to the ground
  • Operation with alternating current 230V – 50 Hz or with generator

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