Vacuum Lifters

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The universal lifter is of modular construction: For manual and machine hoisting operation

You are looking for a vacuum lifter for manual operation, but you want to lift heavy blocks using your excavator as well? No problem with our Uni-Levator.

The Uni-Levator is of modular construction for nearly any kind of operation and material, like natural and concrete stones. The powerful pump controls difficult material and surfaces, like e.g. steps or kerbstones. The single components are quickly exchangeable.

The plates are manually applicable?

No problem; just take the basic equipment, which can be equipped with four wheels for easy movement, connect e.g. the two men lifter frame to the hose pipe of 5 m length. Where no mains are available, just use the generator.

The plates are machine applicable?

Also no problem. Take your basic equipment, suction pad, safety package and the generator, if necessary. Fit in the load hook and start.

The Uni-Levator must only be used close to the ground (max 1.8 m above ground). According to EN 13155 the vacuum lifter must be additionally equipped with a form-locking holding device (eg. with two safety chains) during operation on site.

  • For manual and machine hoisting operation
  • Special accessories like tie bars and suction pads with higher capacities or suction pads for preforms on request.

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